Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thing #7

Google.......Love it, have loved it, will continue to love it...
Picasa has been a long family friend for the last several years. Since I took a trip to Ireland for my daughter's graduation and cropped over 400 + pictures, I assure you we have bonded. What I explored in Picasa this time was the web sharing capability. This would have saved me a lot of time earlier this year when I was getting together her 21st birthday pictures. As I was creating the web album, I shook my head a lot saying why oh why did I not use this during this time.
I have created an album. http://picasaweb.google.com/PhyllisLankford/Courtney21stBdayPics
Google Earth and I also have a relationship. My husband is a huge fan and I have learned a lot through his constant ramblings "hey honey, look at this". I also played with Google docs and then google notebook. Pretty neat.
Applications... I can see are many. Since I am in the library I can see all types of research capabilities, especially in the notebook area, and excellent use of note taking. What a breeze !

Thing #6

Wow......overwhelmed......holy cow......since I am a scrapbooker......wow......I could have spent all day, well maybe more than a day on just this assignment. I was able to create a trading card and will post it here.......endless hours of playtime.....this was awesome......wow!
This is so fabulous I may never move on from thing #6. I can see countless ways to use this. What came to mind at once for library use is sharing with kids favorite authors. You as the librarian, could construct one as a model and then they could create either a trading card of their favorite author or a mosaic with favorite authors and their books. LOVE THIS !

Thing #5

First of all did I miss Thing #4 ? I will have to go back and check that out. I explored Flickr and I am lost ......yikes ......I use Picasa to do my own photos and feel comfortable around that site and software that goes with it.
Yes...I do understand this is something different and "lifelong" learning yada yada yada, but I will have to go in there and "play" some more to fully embrace this.
Blogger is so easy to use !
I liked this pic...it is ice but it reminds me of a bone.....

Thing #3

That was pretty easy. It seems I have a passion for setting up accounts on every website known to mankind and NEVER using the same login or password. So that being said, the hardest thing about that exercise was to find the google and yahoo information. I have never worked with a avatar so that was pretty cool. Directions were great, worked like a charm. Thanks !

Thing #2

Life long learning, that me ! I am constantly on the move and on the lookout for new and exciting things to occupy my time. You see, I CANNOT sit and watch TV, I am a multitasker at heart and the library gives me ample opportunity to practice my disfunction!
While thinking about the 7 1/2 habits, I think the thing that frustrates me the most, is viewing problems as a challenge! I tend to want to do things quickly and easily and then want to move on to the next thing. When I face a problem, I tend to want a quick answer and then move on.
What is easiest to me is mentoring and teaching others. I have a tendency to want to share my new stuff I know about. That is me !
"my 2 cents" (for what it's worth)